Because of changes in my schedule, I am no longer updating this blog or taking on new clients. Previous clients are welcome to get in touch with me and I will consult my schedule to see if I have time to help you.

Pre-Made Templates

I love designing blogs so much, that sometimes I design them without even having a client!  These become my premade templates and they are listed in my etsy shop.  I have three rules when I make these generic templates: (1) they have to be super cute, (2) they have to be super flexible and user-friendly, and (3) each one should include at least one feature that makes it "special."  When you buy one of my premade templates I will install it on your blog for free and if you want custom colors or fonts, I can make those changes for you for a small additional fee.

Without further ado, here are the templates.....

Pretty in Pink

This template is so freaking sweet that I'm getting a toothache just looking at it!  If you love pink as much as I do, then this template is definitely for you!  What really makes this template special is the cool bracket shape that frames the blog.  Are you in love yet?  Well, listen to this: when you buy this template I'm also going to make you a custom "Welcome" graphic with your smiling face in it and it comes with your choice of TEN matching social media icons.  Pretty sweet deal, huh?  Snag yours today!

See this template in action here:

On The Side

If you are looking for something really different for your blog layout, check out this template where I moved the blog title all the way to the side!

See how the blog title is all compact and on the side? I think that's a neat design element that you don't see a lot.... and it's great because it leaves you a lot of prime real estate right up at the top of the blog for any gadget you want. This would be an awesome template for an etsy shop blog because you can put your products front and center on your blog. In fact, I designed the size of the space so that a one-column, three row, gallery size etsy mini widget will fit in there perfectly.

If you don't have an etsy shop, I also love the idea of putting a slideshow of featured posts there (if you don't know how to do that, I can help!). It's also great ad space if you are looking to monetize your blog in a serious way.

Make Lemonade

When Life Gives You Lemons... blog about it!  This pre-made template, called "Make Lemonade" is super cheerful and super functional.  You'll love it!

I think the coolest part about this template is the split header, so you can have your social media icons and search bar up in the header of the blog - right where everyone can easily find them.  Neat huh?

The next thing you'll love about this template is how roomy it is!  You can jam pack lots of widgets in there.  Just look at this view of the template in the Blogger layout editor to see everywhere you can pack a widget.

Oh, and if you want even more room.... you can use the Blogger template customizer tool with this template to change it from 2-3 columns or change the blog/column widths.  You're welcome!!


My cousin Chelsea had the most beautiful wedding with yellow and grey as her colors, and that was the inspiration for this beautiful template.

My favorite part of this template is the lovely arch above the blog title. And did you notice that the font I used for the blog title has little hearts above the "i"?  Super cute!  Other details that really stand out are the cheery little flower next to each post title and I love the tabbed page links up top.

I can definitely imagine this template being used for a family blog or even a wedding blog.  (By the way, I can change up the colors for you if you want it to match your wedding instead of Chelsea's!)  The only caveat to this template is that it looks best with a short blog title, like 1-4 words.  (But, again, I can make some changes to it for an additional fee to accommodate most titles).

Finally, like most of my templates, you can use the blogger template designer to switch this baby up to a three-column design instead of a two-column design, if that's how you roll.

Want to buy it?  It's for sale in my etsy shop.  Check it out!