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Custom Blog Design Portfolio - Page 3

Sam Melone Photography

Sam Melone is a photographer who wanted a simple black and white color scheme with occasional pops of color.  She loves watercolor, so we incorporated watercolor elements wherever we could.

We created a static homepage for the blog without a sidebar.  I love doing this for photographer's blogs because it feels more like a website than a blog.

When you navigate to the blog portion of the site, you see a sidebar with a few widgets:

I think the best part of the site are the cool galleries we created.  They are Pinterest style galleries which are a fun way for photographers to display photos with mixed orientations (portrait, landscape and square) without having to crop the photos.  Here is her gallery of wedding photos:

And here is a screenshot of the about page:

I hope you enjoyed touring this photographer's blog!

My Fair Leidy

I previously designed a beautiful blog for NYC fashion blogger, Leidy.  When she was ready for a new look, she came back to me with some fresh ideas and we got to work creating her gorgeous new fashion blog design.

Leidy has so many of her great looks captured on instagram so we wanted to give that feature front-and-center billing at the top of the blog with a scrolling instagram bar at the top of the blog.  We also wanted to create a lot of white space at the top for aesthetic reasons and to leave room for the awesome drop-down menu bar:

Like the last blog we designed together, we styled the truncated post links and number of comment links at the bottom of the blog post:

As always, I enjoyed bringing Leidy's wonderful ideas to life.  This fashion blog template for blogger is sure to be a hit!

Kelly Bermudez

Kelly is an amazing water color artist who came to me for a blog makeover.  She wanted a design that was simple and soft - something that would complement her beautiful artwork.  This is what we came up with:

Kelly didn't want a traditional blog header, so we shrunk down her logo and placed it at the top of a left-hand sidebar for a cool, non-traditional blog look.  I also designed an awesome vertical navigation menu to go under the header.

One of my favorite parts of the blog is this lovely gallery page that we designed to show off her favorite pieces.  The gallery is powered by css, not a table, making it easy to update and move the pictures around if she decides she wants them in a different order.

Some other cool features of this blog are a blog button with grab code, a pin-it hover button, and a separate archives page.  Full disclosure: Kelly brought her logo and all her own graphics to the party, they are not my design.

Out of the Blue

I designed this blog for a photographer known for her amazing beach photography.  She already had an awesome website and she wanted a blog to complement it.  The whole goal was to maintain consistent branding between the two sites.  Here is a side-by-side of the website on the left and the blog I designed on the right:

And here is a closer look at the blog:

I can't take credit for the awesome header because I copied that from the website, but I think I added some nice details to this blog that make it special. I designed the elements on the sidebar which are pretty cool.  You would have no way of knowing this, but, when you hover over "about" or "contact" on the welcome image, the picture fades a bit, making the words stand out.  And the green buttons underneath turn a darker green when you hover over them.  The cool thing about those buttons is that they are not images - they are designed with pure css - which means that you can easily edit them or add more without busting out photoshop, which is a huge time-saver for any blogger.