Because of changes in my schedule, I am no longer updating this blog or taking on new clients. Previous clients are welcome to get in touch with me and I will consult my schedule to see if I have time to help you.

How to Build Your Email List

I was hoping for this blog to be a resource for my clients to improve their blogs, but, as it turns out, I am too busy doing design work (and watching old episodes of Buffy) to come up with any really compelling content for this blog.  That said, I would still love for this to be a great resource to my clients, so I thought I would at least try to point you in the direction of some great articles when they come across my desk.

Today, Abby Glassenberg posted a great article with five tips to build your email list.  Go check it out!  The list is targeted at craft bloggers/creative business owners, but most of it is applicable no matter what your blog is about.

I use MailChimp for my email newsletter and I love it.  There is a slight learning curve, but once you figure things out, it's easy to put your list together and send out the messages.  (BTW, this means that if you ever need help with MailChimp, shoot me an email and maybe I can help you out).  Abby also mentions a service called TinyLetter that is like a scaled down version of MailChimp.  It could be worth checking out if you are a little technophobic.

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A Little Font Fun

I am constantly looking through google fonts to find great typefaces for my clients' blogs and everytime I come across the font "Annie Use Your Telescope" I am completely freaked out.  Why?

This font looks exactly like my handwriting.  I mean EXACTLY.  No kidding!!

When I was in high school, I used to want to be a fontographer and I actually made a font of my handwriting which I made available on the internet.  I was convinced that Annie Use Your Telescope was somehow a knock-off of my font so I dug up a copy of it and compared the letters and they are slightly different... so, no, this isn't my original font - it is just someone else who is my handwriting twin.  Freaky.

Have you ever found a font that matches your handwriting?

I'm Still Here!

Happy New Year!

In case you just happened upon this site, you will see that my blog is not incredibly active, but the design business is very much alive and kicking!  I thought I'd just write a quick post here to let you know that I'm still here.

I have been doing a lot of tech support lately, which is so much fun!  I've also been doing quite a bit of piecemeal design services and a few full-on custom designs since I last posted.  I'll post some screen shots of all that work soon.

Until next time....